Feminized By My Wifes Mother

A fantasy

I love to think about how one day before we were married, my wife's mother came over and said she wanted to talk to me...

She then tells me before I can marry her daughter, I must "learn" who the REAL boss in the family will be - HER.

So to teach me the proper atitude, she takes me to her house where I am made to dress in one of her daughter's skirts and blouses. She then tells me to take out my penis so she can inspect it.

"I knew you were a sissy, and that little limp penis just confirms it..."

She then goes to her bedroom and comes back with a huge vibrator.

"Now I'm going to make sure you know HOW to pleasure my daughter. Come here and bend over"

She then takes down the white silk panties she forced me to wear and begins to rub the vibrator against my asshole.

"You're a virgin, yes?"


She then spits in my asshole and forces the vibrator in.

"Then let me hear you moan like one!"

I do so and she just starts to work it harder. Back and forth without mercy.

"Come on, sissy, tell your mother in law you're just a little bitch!"

"I'm a...a... bitch..."


husband "X"

Posted: Sunday 16th November 2003, 1:13 PM

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