Lubricating The Male Asshole
Women Greasing Men's Asses For Strapon Penetration!

Nothing trains a male to obey his Mistress or bitchy wife better than a good hard strapon fucking in the ass! Hearing your husband or male sissy wimper as you thrust long and hard in his clenching tight anus is a thrill ALL women LOVE! But remember, girls, when using a dildo on a tight male butthole - a well lubricated male asshole is a happy asshole!!!
When using your strapon on your sissy boy or wimp husband's tight little asshole, you MUST lubricate it well! A properly greased male ass is what we strive for, right, girls?... fun grease his asshole Picture
"This Is Going To Be FUN!"
grease his asshole and bend over you sissy Picture
"Bend Over You Fucking Sissy Bitch!"
Bend them over in a humiliating submissive position and ready them for a good hard assfuck. A good dollop of ice cold lubricant in their anus will make them prick up and realize you mean business!...
Spread their clenching ass cheeks and insert your well-greased fingers into their asshole. Never mind their pathetic wimpering or wimpy pleading, this is what they deserve and you must be FIRM!... YABBO Picture
"Working His Anus With Lubricant"
YABBO Picture
Once their anus is spread and ready for your pleasure, grab your strapon by the shaft and get ready to penetrate them with full HARD thrusts! Now the FUN part BEGINS!!...

Male Assholes Fucked By Mean Women With Strapons!

They might plead and wimper but these poor men are going to be sodomized and made into sissy strapon bitches by these strong dominant women and Mistresses! Shame and humiliation by sneering stern women with a big hard plastic cock - POOR GUYS!!!
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