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I Dressed My Man In Bra And Panties!

Like many married women, my husband was always bossing me around and trying to make me feel small. I would often be in tears from these encounters, but then something happened that changed my life around - I met a Transvestite Mistress at a party one night and she taught me how to train my husband so that he is docile and subservent - in short, she told me how to make him into a SISSY!

First off, when he came home from work the first day I told him I had a surprize for him. I took him into the bedroom and pointed to the nice bra and panties I had laid out on the bed. "What the hell are these?" He asked "Yours" I said as I pulled out the pistol I had also bought at the Mistresses' recommendation. His eyes went wide. "Now put them on you son of a bitch, and if you talk back I'll shoot you right in the fucking head!". He could tell I wasn't fooling around and quickly undressed. This was going to be fun I thought. Of course the gun wasn't loaded, but he didn't know that. I just wanted to scare him.....

sissy husband tries on his bra and panties pic I then made him sit in the chair as I put on some makeup and a wig I had laying around. He didn't say a word, just smirked like he thought it was a joke. Next I made him stand and walk around the room for me to admire my handiwork. "You're such a bastard" I sneered "let's see how tough you think you are when you're dressed like a sissy bitch!". He started to say something but I quickly brought the gun up "Shut up and take out your little cock!"sissy husband tries on his bra and panties pic

I laughed as he stood there in his new panties with his fucking cock hanging out. He looked pathetic and I let him know it. "I bet you've always dreamed of being a sissy bitch, haven't you? Maybe I should invite some of your friends from work over for dinner tonight and have you serve dinner dressed like that?" He began to speak but I cut him off. "Shut up, sissy wimp! Now let me see you stroke that little cock and try to get it hard for me!"sissy husband tries on his bra and panties pic He began to fumble with his penis as I watched and laughed. "Come on, bitch, let mommy see you work that little penis!" I moved closer to him as he closed his eyes and tried to get an erection. I'm sure the fact his wife was holding a gun to his head didn't help things, but I was beyond caring. He had humiliated me so many times before it was pay back time!

As he started to masturbate I leaned in and in my softest sexy voice said to him "That's a good little sissy, make a nice hot spurt for mommy and I'll let you wear your new bra and panties all night". His dick began to stiffen and I could tell my sissy training session was begining to work! sissy husband tries on his bra and panties pic He was responding just like the Mistress had told me he would. "All men secrectly want to be a sissy for their wives" She had told me and she was right! I sat back as he stroked his cock furiously before me. "Poor thing" I thought "If he only knew what was coming next". I smiled to myself as laid my hand across the huge black rubber strapon and tube of anal jelly I had put on table behind him......

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