Sissy Husband Story
Feminized With Her Strapon Dildo!

Martin wasn't a very big man, more of a boy actually. He was an accountant at the local tax firm and went about his duties quietly and always had a smile on his lips or good word for his co-workers. But Martin had a terrible secret - he had married a real bitch of a woman who enjoyed shaming and humiliating him by feminizing him with her ribbed strapon dildo when ever her perverted lust overtook her!....
She would put on the strapon and march into the bedroom annoucing "Right, you little wimp of a man, we'll have those clothes off now and that tiny dick of yours out for inspection!". She would make him kneel at her feet and masturbate while she told him of her doubts about his manhood and the fact that her mother always said he was "more girl than boy". Martin always wondered what drove a wife to humiliate her husband about the size of his penis....

She then would hand him a condom and instruct him to put it on the strapon dildo that jutted from her harness and to make sure it had plenty of vasoline on it, because "It's going straight up your little shit hole and I don't want to hear any screaming or crying this time!". Martin crinched at the thought of having to bend over in front of this cruel woman and splay his butt cheeks like a common strumpet - after all, she WAS his wife! Why did she insist on feminizing him and shaming him time after time?...

"Okay" she sneered "Up and over the sofa, my little boy-bitch, we'll have that bottom in the air for your fucking right now!". Martin did as he was commanded, all the time biting his lip with shame as she worked first one, than two greasy fingers into his anus and roughly thrust them back and forth. "That's just to loosen your tight little asshole up, Martin, now quit clenching and get ready to receive my cock. You KNOW you NEED this!" She bellowed. Martin was scared the people in the apartment next door would hear her and know that he was the submissive sissy of a dominant wife...

"Yeah, that's a GOOD little boy" she grunted as she slide the strapon dildo into his anus and drove it to the hilt. He felt a burning wave of shame and humiliation wash over him as she started to thrust the plastic penis back and forth into his now distended anus. Listening to her heavy breathing and grunting with pleasure as she drove the dildo in and out time after time was sheer humiliation for him. Why did she do this? His own WIFE?

How did he ever end up the sissy husband of this bitch? .....BECAUSE HE LOVES IT!
Sissy Husband Story Picture

Sissy Husband Story Picture

Sissy Husband Story Picture

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